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Electron Vacuum Systems is Australia’s leading manufacturer of ducted vacuums. An Australian owned company, we have been manufacturing, installing, repairing and servicing ducted vacuum systems across Melbourne since 1981. We also supply an extensive range of wall vacuum parts and accessories to equipment manufacturers and the general public

Why choose a home central vacuum system?

  • Less noise: Wall vacuum systems are significantly quieter than traditional portable models. Not only is the noise masked by the walls of your home, but ducted vacuums are built with better noise insulation technology.
  • More power: Home central vacuum systems are much more powerful than upright or portable models since size and weight are not a concern. This means better suction and a deeper clean.
  • Allergy relief: Traditional portable systems vent their exhaust,including excess dust and allergens, back into the room you’re cleaning. Central vacuumsvent the exhaust outside of living areas. This means much cleaner air in your living areas.
  • Convenience: No more lugging heavy, awkward vacuum cleaners all over your home. With a central vacuum system, you only handle the hose and wand.
  • Long lasting: Ducted systems are much longer lasting than hand-held models since they are built of sturdier, more durable materials.

Ducted Vacuum Repairs, Service and Installation

Electron Vacuum Systems has been providing ducted vacuum repairs and servicing across Melbourne since 1981. As an Australian-owned manufacturer of central vacuum systems, we can be trusted for any repair or service work.

We provide full ducted vacuum installation services for new homes, existing homes or home renovations across Melbourne.

Since ducted systems are more robust than traditional portable units, central vacuum repairs and servicing aren’t required often. But when they are, Electron Vacuum Services is the trusted name for all central vacuum service and repair requirements.

Ducted Vacuum Parts and Accessories

Electron Vacuum Systems provides Melbourne’s widest range of ducted vacuum parts and accessories including ducted vacuum hoses, tools, and wand sets. We also offer cleaning accessories for hard floors, carpets, and specialty tools for curtains, blinds, and hard-to-reach places.

Our selection of central vacuum parts includes a range of innovative valve options for installation in your home, including wall inlet valves, sweeping floor valves, bench top valves, and more.

If you’re worried about what to do with the central vacuum hose, we also offer a choice of convenient retractable hose options. The Hide-A-Hose system solves the problem of carrying and storing a ducted vacuum hose by retracting the hose into the smart piping system stored behind the wall.

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Whether you need ducted vacuum servicing, parts, and accessories, or you want to discuss a full wall vacuum system installation, our friendly team can help. Give us a call today on 03 9764 8633 or contact us online.

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